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Logos Bible Software

Logos helps pastors, scholars, and other Christians get more out of their Bible study.
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About Logos Bible Software

"We use technology to equip the church to grow in the light of the Bible. Our team is committed to increasing biblical literacy and accessibility for every Christian around the world. That’s why we foster a culture of service and innovation and create groundbreaking tools that connect people to the Word."


Logos Special Discount

Logos Special Discount

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Less Searching, More Finding

Pinpoint anything in any resource with lightning-fast searches. Do a word study in a few clicks.

Guides and Plans to Show the Way

Set up a reading plan in a few seconds, or take a quick course on topics like grace or biblical books like Galatians.

Bible Study Tools Do the Heavy Lifting.

Look up a passage or topic and Logos instantly reads all your books, giving you quick summaries and links to what you need to know.

A Bible Study Library in Your Pocket

Jump into your Bible study wherever you are. Logos works on your desktop, laptop, and mobile devices. You can even study online with our web app.

Faithlife Corporation

Faithlife Corporation



Faithlife Corporation is the parent company of Logos Bible Software. Their motto is: "We use technology to equip the Church to grow in the light of the Bible."

Faithlife makes a variety of software and publications available for people, including:

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Faithlife Proclaim: Faithlife Proclaim is presentation software made just for churches. With automatic formatting and intuitive design, it makes building service slides a breeze.

Lexham Press: Faithlife’s premier academic publishing house, Lexham Press creates Bible study materials, scholarly works, and pastoral resources to increase biblical literacy, thoughtful Christian reflection, and faithful action around the world.

Logos Mobile Education (m.Ed): Faithlife provides unprecedented access to theological education through Mobile Ed.

And more.