Grace and peace family! 

As WRAP Week and our #iHatePorn campaign comes to a close, I just want to take the time out to thank everyone who participated in the event. I totally understand how uncomfortable it is to share your struggles with others online opening ourselves up to ridicule to those who do not believe, but be of good cheer because those who put their trust in Christ will not be up to shame (1 Pet. 2:6). God will have the last laugh.

In the spirit of transparency I'm going to share a specific time of testing with you all. God has blessed me with a great job. The president of the company along with the other employees I work with see me as "a praying, Christian man" in which I strive to glorify God in how I work (Col. 3:23). So this past week as I sat at my desk, I had this "unusual" strong desire to view pornography on my work computer. I work at the front desk in my office with two other people sitting behind me, but lust is irrational so it does not care about the risks you take, it just wants its desires fulfilled. By God's grace and His Spirit working in me, I did not take the bait; I passed the test. Check this out though guys: THE VERY NEXT DAY, our IT Department came to our site to check our PCs, apparently our system was attacked by the Ransomware virus so I was a bit anxious because I did not want to be responsible for it in any way. My PC was clean. My conscience was clear. But I couldn't stop thinking about "WHAT IF!" What if I would have compromised? It was at this point that 1 Peter 2:11 became clear to me. I realized that sin is looking to destroy me and everything I hold dear to me. 

God has blessed me with a lovely wife and our beautiful twins, as a husband and father it is my obligation to provide for them as I keep Christ as the Head of my life; although I fail at this at times. There is too much at stake and I realize that I have a lot to lose: my job, my witness would have been tarnished giving those who do not believe an occasion to blaspheme the way of truth all for a desire that can never be satisfied. This is why #iHatePorn! My God hates it and if I desire to hate it, I must be able to see it from His perspective. This is my prayer for you as well my brothers and sisters. 


"The grand mischief that sin does to man is this, it wars against the soul; it destroys the moral liberty of the soul, it weakens and debilitates by impairing it's faculties; it robs the soul of its comfort and peace; it debases and destroys the dignity of the soul; hinders its present prosperity, and plunges it into eternal misery." -Matthew Henry

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