GOP: Can you share with our readers a little bit about your upbringing?

J: Well as far as my upbringing religiously I didn't have one. We didn't go to church ... I was never taught about God but I always just kind knew He was there. We didn't pray and we didn't really have a lot of family time. My family was a broken family .. mom and dad separated when I was three and I lived back and forth between the two ... I always preferred my dad though but he worked a lot so couldn't always keep me. My mom was in an abusive relationship for many years so there was a lot of alcohol , police activity, abuse and things of that nature. I was very lost even as a young girl ... never really understanding my place or value and never really enjoying life just kind of being there. I was molested when I was 6 almost 7 and never told anyone until my early adult years. I was very insecure as a child and I think always craved a certain kind of love that was not able to be given to me because my parents were busy trying to just get by and support us.

GOP: How did you come to know Jesus personally?

J: I have always known Jesus but never had a relationship with Him. I always prayed for God to hold on to me when I worked in the sex industry ... even though I knew I was doing wrong. When I finally tried to escape the life of the sex industry I had my third child and thought I had found Jesus then but realized I was only making changes for my son and not for myself. After going back to prostitution a couple times ... one day I was meeting with a :customer: and as I pulled up to his house something paralyzed me and I broke down and cried hysterically and cried out to God to just end this all. Please just take me away from this life style I cant do it any more .. Please just heal me. Something kept me from getting out of that car and I drove off crying and speeding parked at the beach and knelt in the sand and just prayedand prayed and right then and there I decided I was going to walk with Jesus and that satan didn't get to own me any longer.

GOP: When were you first introduced to prostitution/porn/stripping?

J: When I was 20 years old I met a pimp at the club. I was in a very desperate stage in life .. single mom recently found out my husband was seeing a man , broke ,scared, young , lost .... this pimp promised me the world ...promised everything for my kids ... promised I would be taken care of ... little did I know what that entailed or would lead too.

GOP: At what point in your life did you realize it was time to get out?

J: The first night I got in it. I knew that this was going to lead to horrible things .. but I was indebted to my pimp so I thought and was very quickly brainwashed with fear along with being very naïve to what was going on. There were many points I knew I needed to get out ... but didn't know how to out of fear .. a comfort zone I had grown to know ... and many other reasons just not really knowing that getting out was a possibility. After the first time I got gang raped I knew I needed to get out ... again fear stopped me ... after I got robbed and beat up I knew I needed out. When I got kidnapped and held hostage I knew I needed out. When I got addicted to pills and cocaine I knew I needed out ... but I never left for long. I always went back. Crazy I know ... it wasn't until I couldn't even recognize myself in the mirror any more and I was not allowed to speak to my children that I finally made a drastic change ... and sick as it is ... still hid the fact I was turning tricks. But to answer the question simply .... It was ALWAYS time to get out. I was a complete robot ... a well oiled machine for any pimp to turn on and off. It was time to get out the moment I got in.

GOP: What are you up to now? Are you planning on using your story to minister to other women

 J: Today I am blessed to be up to all things positive thanks to God. I am a FULL time mother with shared custody of two of my children back and full custody of my newest edition. I was working full time at a great job until I decided recently to focus on my non profit. I have a brand new car .. moving into my first apartment with me and my kids... I attend a church faithfully and haven't missed a service all year ... I have been baptized and saved as of 2016 and am very active in church. I have recently started a non profit organization called Sisters of the Streets which is basically a rehabilitation program for women of the sex industry, My mission with SOS is to created a safe place for women to have a life long support system to realize their full worth and potential and to live out their true purpose. My organization includes creating a space to house women until they are ready to be on their own and in that time providing classes for many things such as : Parenting classes, addiction classes, domestic classes, self love classes , job training , resume building,etc. I will also have a legal team that assists these women overcome their cases they may have received while being trafficked or victimized as well as family lawyers who can help them get their children back. Women will be counseled by fellow sisters who have come from the life and conquered it vs licensed therapist and if they complete the training and choose too they are welcome to work with my organization to help provide themselves with continual healing and a salary. We will have outreaches to meet people where they are at with street ministry as well as doing events in different communities to bring awareness to the issues of the sex trade and industry.

GOP: Can you share with us some of your favorite Bible verses that really speak to your heart about Christ's grace and love, and why those verses?

J: Romans 3:23, For all have sinned and fall short to the glory of God - This verse is so simple yet means so much ... showing no sin is greater or lesser but everyone sins. It has always given me hope of like "yeah I messed up but nobody has the right to shun me, because God forgives me and nobody is perfect just because they sin different than I do."

Hebrews 7:25, Therefore he is able to save completely those who come to God through him, because he always lives to intercede for them. I am forgiven ... you are forgiven. always . This gives me Hope to know I will meet my Creator one day.

Jeremiah 29:11, For I know the plans I have for you , declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. This verse made me remember many times to have faith in my truth not my circumstances. That God has an end plan for me. ThatGod has a purpose for me and everything my life has gone and will Go. It gives me hope and guidance when I'm not quite sure what to do anymore and it reminds me to just Listen to the Lord and seek him and he will guide me and to trust in him                     

GOP:What advice do you have to young girls and women out there considering going into prostitution, porn or stripping?

J: DON'T DO IT!!! I promise you it is not all its cracked up to be. The devalue you feel NOW will only increase as you sell yourself more and more. The void you are trying to fill with the love from a pimp or attention from the buyers ... will only deepen and be filled with drugs  alcohol and abuse. Only God can fill that void seek Him NOW before you go through all the pain of the industry. The things you do in the industry can never be taken back and although it may seem like an easy answer now .. trust me it will provide life long heartache that takes a LOT of work to heal from. GOD IS THE ANSWER and I can say that with conviction because He worked through me! Your value is so priceless that you cant even see it yet. Please do not let them own your soul .. the devil is preying on your insecurities and vulnerability and he will suck you in quicker than you can say MONEY.Know that you are GODS child and he WILL provide a way once you seek him. The industry is NOT the answer. The pimp only values you as long as the money is right ... don't put a price tag on yourself because you are priceless. What matters is whats in your heart not in your bag. You are loved and valued and there are OTHER OPTIONS. Seek out and study the statistics of the average prostitute , porn star and stripper ... and see if that is the life you really want to live. And don't think for a MINUTE it wont happen to you , those things you read.. because they WILL. rape , abuse, torture, depression, drugs, no sleep, illness, exhaustion , kidnappings, beatings, brainwashing , trading .... IT ALL IS REALITY. Please let God save you before the Devil owns you.

GOP: How can readers find you and support your mission? 

J: is our official website where you can find all out merchandise , raffles , donations , and contact info. is our face book page, Instagram is @sisters_of_the_streets.

We have different raffles each month where you can obtain tickets by donationg on our go fund me account (link is on website) as well as listed here :

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