“The porn industry is in crisis following the death of five young women in 12 weeks”

As my eyes follow the words of this news article, I’m saddened. As I wrote my last blog, “The Open Casket of the Spiritually Dead,” I was not aware of the other deaths from the other four women. In a span of 12 weeks, five image bearers of God died. Four out of the five were by suicide. The other one died in her sleep. These five women, potential wives, and mothers. Five women who had a family, although some may have disagreed with their lifestyle, who had loved them dearly, gone….let that sink in. 

We don’t know what happens in the moments leading up to their deaths, but if they didn’t turn from their sin and believe in the Lord Jesus, their destination is grim. This is not to knock them or make another, what seems to be depressing, blog. But I want you to feel the weight of this. From an industry that makes billions of dollars a year, with millions and millions of viewers a year, they continue to catch the eyes of their viewers on a daily basis. 

Apparently, depression runs rampant in the porn industry. The irony of that is, for an industry who banks on delivering video after video, with the intentions of pleasing their audience, the porn stars are depressed. Depression is real, and this is coming from a person who speaks from experience. I struggle with depression. I’ve struggled with depression since high school. But the difference between now and high school is that I wasn’t saved in high school. 

Trying to suppress the hurt and the sorrow of depression, I would numb myself with marijuana, sex, porn, and money. Those things were a means to temporarily sweep my depression and anxiety under the rug. Did it work? For the moment, but after the temporary “high,” I was back to square one…depressed. I was also bullied in high school as well, which contributed BIG TIME to my depression. Feeling worthless because of the words were said and the names I was called, sunk me into a dark place of depression. 

The porn industry said that what contributes to the depression that runs rampant in the industry is bullying. Cyber-bullying, hate mail, you name it. In the article, one porn star says, “I have suffered depression because of the way people view my job. That is the worst part of this job, the way people treat because of what I do for a living.” Nobody deserves to be bullied, and I mean NOBODY. This includes those who are stuck in the porn industry. 

With all this said, I feel sorrowful for these women and their families. An industry filled with lovers of money, lovers of sex and in many cases, lovers of drugs, these temporary pleasures have an end to them. This road of pleasures is as wide as the gate they entered in. This road of pleasures is filled with people who seek to be satisfied and find any way to fill that void. But that void is never satisfied. Proverbs 27:20 says, "Sheol and Abaddon are never satisfied, and never satisfied are the eyes of man.” Other words for Sheol and Abandon are death and destruction. So death and destruction are never satisfied. It continues on, like a tornado, destroying everything in its path. It doesn’t have to be this way…there is hope!

With depression being in essence, hopeless, Jesus is the hope.

Just simply ceasing to look at porn isn’t going to deliver you. That is the will of you and your flesh. It won’t last. But to replace the temporary pleasure of viewing porn with something eternal. Or should I say, SOMEONE eternal? Psalm 16:11 says, "You make known to me the path of life; in your presence, there is a fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.” To know Christ, to be a co-heir with Christ, to be son or daughter of God, is to experience eternal pleasure. The pleasures of the Lord are eternal, it doesn’t go away, it’s permanent. 

To be made in the image of God is to want pleasure because God is the author of pleasure. But the difference is, we have perverted the means of enjoying those pleasures by abusing sex, money, drugs and every other thing we’ve got our hands on. The word Eden in Hebrew is delight or pleasure. Think about that, God made a garden and called it “The Garden of Pleasure.” And it was for man and woman to enjoy, FOREVER. 

So we get our want for pleasure from our Creator. God doesn’t despise pleasure, but what He does despise is man’s view of pleasure. It’s perverted, it’s man-centered and not God-centered, it’s evil and not holy and it’s temporary and not eternal. Your “pleasure” of viewing porn will come to end. That is why you keep going back over and over and over again, wanting more thrilling videos. Take a moment and ponder that. Ask yourself, “why do I keep going back?” “why do I feel the need to want more?” It is because you’re wanting to feel that void of wanting pleasure with something temporary. God, who the creator of pleasure, has a much better plan for your pleasure. And that plan is Himself. For He sent His Son to die on the Cross for sins including, porn, adultery, and lust. Jesus died for those who are in bondage to this heinous sin, so that they may be set free. Jesus died so that for those who believe in Him, will experience pleasures the right way, eternally.

I encourage you to pray for these porn star’s families. They are grieving a loss that they loved dearly. Pray that God brings His people into their lives to share the hope of Jesus Christ. Pray for all the porn stars who are trapped in the industry, for their soul is on the line. Pray for those who are still trapped in viewing porn day after day. Lastly, pray for your heart and mine, that we continue to experience the pleasures of God, rather the temporary pleasures that porn has to offer. Grace & Peace.